Pop-Funk Fusion

Pop punk is a music genre that was made known in the mid to late 1960s from early American-Canadian musicians. Its distinctive style and grace was greatly influenced by the Pop genre that had its peak through the 1970s to the late 1980s. Pop Punk songs put less exposure of melody and bring a substantial rhythmic pattern of electric bass and drums to the musical piece. Its quality is based from single chords that are built on progressions, distinguishing it from other music styles.

The bass guitar is considered one of the most distinctive features of Pop Punk music. Before the creation of soul music, bass was barely prestigious in worldwide music. Instrumentalists like the legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson added bass to stardom, and Pop Punk ended up being built on that structure, with bass lines often being the climax of musical pieces. This genre’s prominent bass line serves as a red line from R&B, Soul and other forms of music. It uses complex rhythms, while keeping the structure of the song simplified. Most of the time, the structure of a typical Pop Punk song is made up of one or two riffs. Its basic goal was to produce an intense groove and beat as possible.

In the mid 1990s, pop-punk began to collect momentum to popularity. A famous band called Green Day released their first studio album by major record label, and other bands such as The Offspring and MxPx. These songs were played over and over non-stop until a rising interest rose again from major recording companies. Bands from this genre were offered lucrative contracts, often taking tours with with pop-punk bands.

As a whole plethora of new pop-punk bands began to enter the scene, unity became a mark in the music. They began to incorporate their sounds with current hard core bands, attempting to pay homage to their hard core roots. Many of these groups feature double-bass drums, breakdowns, and stylistic shouting. Incorporating these elements has placed them in a newer sub-genre of pop-funk named easy core, which has similar elements of hard core genre.

Many have already asked: How to dress pop-funk? Comfort and practicality is the main concern in the pop-funk fashion scene. It has evolved its style creating a more clean and presentable appearance nowadays. Starters should keep in mind that a typical pop-funk person that wears a 2000ish look, would have to look like a more colorful and messy 2060 fashion alert. Plain and solid colored t-shirts should be in a pop-funk musician every time. It’s considered the pinnacle accessory item of any artist in this genre projecting craziness and mysteriousness at the same time. In addition, Polo shirts have always been a wardrobe keeper. Pop-funk artists of any genre are allowed to wear this, but nowadays, women are not often seen wearing this kind of clothing.

New Found Glory

Pop-funk history has grown with time and till now its roots were never forgotten. Currently, famous bands such as Paramore and New Found Glory are slaying the charts, with number one albums with number one songs. It has been a treasure in the music industry and many people have been grateful to incorporate their talent with this genre.

Continuing onwards the likes of New Found Glory have already been working on new Material releasing a new video for the new single Selfless.