Influence of Green Day on the Pop Punk Genre

Green Day

Pop punk music genre emerged in the 1970s with an agenda of reducing boredom from music in both genres which it fuses. Pop melodies and lyrical themes are combined with the fast tempos, chord changes and loud guitars associated with punk rock music to make a fusion that has been acceptable to many since its invention till today. The roots of this kind of music can be traced to America, UK, Canada and many more but it mainly rooted in California which is the home of the Green Day band which has been in the punk rock scene since its formation in 1987.

Green Day had their share in influencing the pop punk genre in the 1990s when their releases through major label signings served to create major popularity of the pop punk music. But what exactly has the Green Day band been through in the pop punk genre?

The band was formed by Billie Joe Armstrong who is the lead vocalist and guitarist together with Mike Dirnt who is the backing vocalist. The current members of the band are Tre Cool and Jason White who only became permanent members in 2012 having been in the band for over twelve years. The band has been in the punk music industry for over 25years now.

It was initially part of the initial DIY recording habit that was began in California by punk rock music bands. Their first releases were under the Lookout! Records which was the band’s DIY recording. These were not major hits though till in 1994 when the band was able to secure a release with Reprise records, an independent recording company. Their album ‘dookie’ was their breakthrough and the success was intense with over 10 million copies sold in the U.S only. From this time and the coming years, Green Band brought a much bigger audience to the pop punk genre and made it widely accepted. Some of the California punk bands that took part in creating this wide acceptance of pop punk music include Sublime, Rancid, Bad Religion and The Offspring.

Green Day has since released many more pop punk music albums but this is not the only genre they have been majoring on though it is their main. Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning are the three albums that followed the dookie but with reduced success rate (not meaning that they flopped on the charts though). In 2004, their album American Idiot gained success more than that of the first album selling over five million copies in the U.S. in 2009, the album, 21st century breakdown hit the top charts and was the biggest success ever recorded for the band. This was followed by a trio of albums released between September and December in 2012 which have not had a success rate of the 2009 one.

In conclusion, the Green Day band has had a very important role in influencing the pop punk genre. It is one of the bands that popularized the genre and has since then continued to make it even more and more accepted in many parts of the world. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed though with the band winning five Grammy awards for various albums and many other awards.