Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre

Blink-182 back in the day

Blink-182 was formed in 1992 in Poway, San Diego. The American rock band consists of three members, Mark Hoppus the vocalist and bassist, Tom DeLonge the vocalist and guitarist and Travis Baker who is the drummer. The Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre is considered very great as they are the developers of the genre who came up with radio friendly content much better than their predecessors. They have since been dominant in the genre both in America and wide abroad. Basically pop punk is blink-182 and blink-182 is pop and punk.

In fact, to date, they have sold albums counting to more than 35 million worldwide. According to one New York Times in 2011, no punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than blink-182! and to back this most contemporary bands have attested their successes to the existence of blink-182. They have produced a number of albums to prove this success. With the years gone by more and more people have been listening to the famous trio and supporting the band with blink-182 merch. Wearing t-shirts, hoodies, posters on bedroom walls and now days smart phone cases.

Cheshire cat was their first ever album to be completed in the year 1994. Even though the album was not such a hit as the others that followed, it helped put them with their roadmap. The first single from that album got sponsored by Cargo to do the video after it have received airplay. In as much as their popularity was achieved from copies of pirated CDs, there are people who never gave up on them on their first attempt. For instance, Pennywise was there to pay for their air tickets for tours in Australia. When Dude Ranch was released in the year 1997, it was definitely more successful than the first one.

Then there breakthrough came in 1999 with their release of their album ‘Enema of the State’. This compared to their previous pieces and pieces from other competitors was nothing but bliss with great production and sound so radio friendly. Enema greatly attracted listeners who were directly trying to oppose the kids who considered themselves the owners of punk. With the inception of the dot com and availability of internet though, there were more downloads every day and some streaming in online to all the songs which may have been beyond their domain in the previous occasions. This greatly contributed to the popularity of the band because more people would listen in to them regardless of their location. This might have been the most successful album which led to the greatest Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre.

After Enema, in came ‘Take off your Pants and Jacket’ which took the same trend as its predecessor. They released this one in the year 2001. In 2003, it was number three as ranked in billboard 200. Most fans and critics consider this album the one that defined who blink-182 was. Blink-182 has never stopped since and their fans worldwide are pleased by their ravishing performances, catchy melodies, trashy choruses and chuggy verses.

Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre has gone a long way with them breaking the group only once. They have also received a couple of awards for their prowess like in the teen choice awards they were the best choice group in 2000, best rockers in 2001 the best love song of people‚Äôs choice in 2004 for their track ‘I miss you’.