I’m The Man by Scott Ian

Scott Ian on stage

Every rock music fan would know about Anthrax, the popular American thrash metal band. The man behind the band, Ian Scott has revealed all the secrets and craziness he and his band members have gone through with Anthrax over the last three decades in his autobiography “I’m The Man: The story of the guy from Anthrax”. The name of his autobiography has been lent from Anthrax popular rap-metal hybrid single “I’m The Man”.

Known as the “man with that beard”, guitarist Ian Scott was the co-founder of Anthrax along with bassist Dan Liker, who retired from the band this year on his 50th birthday. In his autobiography, Ian Scott has shared his experience with Anthrax. The book is filled with incidents like insanity on the road, misbehavior, fistcuffs, destroying hotel rooms, blackouts, pant-peeing and various other crazy adventures.

The autobiography begins with a drunk Ian Scott trying to enter the Legend’s Field, the home field of the Tampa Yankees back in 1997. A drunk evening with Zack Wildye led to his arrest early next morning in the charges of breaking and entering the stadium. In his book ,Ian Scott claims this incident was his first and last arrest and he was not a ‘attention seeker’ or ‘drug-snarfing metal dude’. He even claims he is the hardest partier in the band. And this sets the tone for the book which is filled with many such humorous incidents.

In his book, Ian Scott describes his childhood as a ‘nerdy Jewish boy’. He narrates how his story differs from other rock/metal artists. He says his story is not one of rising to fame followed by fall from grace and finally a legendary redemption. His story is about how a gawky boy belonging to a normal Jewish family grows from a ‘nothing’ to ‘everything’. Ian, in the book has described his younger years and his journey to where he is now. He recounts how he was inspired to become a rock musician by a KISS Madison Square Garden concert he attended as a child in the 1970s. In the first half of the book, Ian Scott narrates how the Anthrax was formed. He delineates his bonding with Dan Lilker at an early age, meeting Charlie Benante , Johnny Z and Frank Bello and how they together persuaded their dream of forming a band.

I’m The Man is a book full of revelations as well. He confirms Metallica’s dissatisfaction eith Lars Ulrich and their plan to fire him. He recounts how close Corey Taylor was to become Anthrax’s lead vocalist and reveals the truth behind the Anthrax-Public Enemy collaboration “Bring the noise”. The book is hilarious as well. There are many fun moments in the book and you will find yourself laughing at many instances. Such as, the struggle of Anthrax during 1999 – 2009 and making a comeback with the record “Worship Music” with Joey Belladonna as the lead vocalist. The portrayal of Joey given in the book is hilarious. Further, he considers the Stormtroopers of Death album with Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker and Billy Milano as the turning point of his musical career.

Overall, I’m The Man is a story of passion, dedication, perseverance and determination of Ian Scott and his band Anthrax through its hard days of struggle, the arguments that took place and how they eventually became one of the most popular thrash metal bands.