Evolution Of Punk Rock Music

Evolution of Punk

Punk rock which is simply addressed to as punk is a rock genre that was introduced in themed 70s in the UK, the US and Australia. This genre is deeply rooted in garage rock and protopunk music. Their rock bands are considered to be the excesses of the mid 70s rock. The songs sung here are developed very fast and short ones for that matter. They have the characteristics of being hard-edged with stripped down instrumentation and their lyrics are in most cases ant-establishment ones. Punk rock songs embrace the DIY ethic and most of these bands are produced and self-recorded. Their songs are in most cases distributed via informal channels.

The spread of punk music gathered momentum in the late 70s. It spread across the world and became very popular in the United Kingdom. It took root locally among people who tended to reject association with the mainstream. This saw the development of the punk subculture which comprised of youths characterized by very distinctive adornment and clothing styles and anti-authoritarian stands. In the early 80s, more aggressive adornment styles were adopted and became the most popular mode of rock music. This stance was adopted by the mainstream at the turn of the 20th century and this gave rise to various rock music movements such as the alternative and the post punk.

Ideally punk has two major characteristics namely the visual elements and the music and lyrical elements.

Musical and Lyrical Elements of Punk Music

Many modern banks borrow a leaf from bare musical arrangements and structures of the garage rock of the 60s.the typical instrumentation of punk rock includes one or two guitars (electric), drum kit, electric bass and vocals. Songs are very short compared to those of other reputable genres.

The vocals of punk rock sound nasal. Lyrics are in most cases shouted instead of being sung in the usual conventional sense like the other popular genres. This is especially the case for the hardcore rock styles. The shifts in the tones pitches and volume are relatively not frequent. Parts of the guitar have distorted power cords which lead to a buzzsaw drone sound. However not all punk takes the same approach. Others take a surf rock mode which is characterized by a lighter guitar tone. Others employ the gonzo attach approach to punk music. The bass guitar lines are not complicated and the approach to it is relentless with a repetitive rhythm.

Drums produce a dry and heavy sound and it’s set at minimal in most cases. The main objective of all these is to ensure that the recording of the music sounds natural without manipulations in order to reflect the authenticity of a live band performance.

The lyrics on the other hand are confrontational and frank in nature and from time to time reflect the social-political issues in their commentary. The lyrics may comment on issues such as relationships, sex, unemployment and urban life.

The Visual Elements of Punk Music Entail

Stage performances with macho postures with a few deviations from the earlier styles but are insignificant. Females deviated from those styles and have adopted masculine postures.