Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol

Dancing with myself-Billy Idol is an autobiography written by one of the most famous rock stars of all time Billy Idol. He narrates about his journey to success; how he came to start his own punk band by the name Generation X his struggles with his own demons and all the pressures that came with fame. Unlike many rock stars, Billy was willing to tell his story personally rather than hiring authors to narrate his life journey.

William Michael Albert Broad widely known as Billy Idol was born on November 30th 1955 in the suburbs of London City. He attended the Ravensbourne School for boys, and then later joined Sussex University in 1975. Idol first joined Siouxsie and the Banshees but later quit and joined Chelsea in the year 1977 as a guitarist. They later left Chelsea together with band mate Tony James and co-founded the critically acclaimed band Generation X.

The setting of the book begins around 1986, just as Billy was beginning to rise to fame and his life was beginning to shatter due to his drug and substance abuse. He narrates how he became the front man of Generation X, one of UK’s all-time favorite rock bands. He narrates how he came to New York with a guitar in one hand and a suitcase in the other. 30 years down the line, Billy is known as the rebel, an idol who always lived life to the fullest.

The book also consists of a 16 pages of exclusive behind the scene photos aiding in telling the story about of a survivor from deep within the heart, somewhat chilling sometimes enchanting of a man’s creative journey filled with human desire. He speaks of a boy who from an early age new what he wanted in life and would not let anything stop his dreams.

After many years of trial, Idol’s music career finally took off with the hit song Dancing with Myself, a combination of dance and rock music. Immediately after hitting the charts, his drug addiction soon began one of the many demons that came to haunt him throughout his career. He further talks about how his music career nosedived in the early 1990 after he released the Album Cyberpunk. He narrates how he has been trying to reconstruct his music career how his parents forced him to take violin lessons twice a week his escapades, how he was not in good terms with his biological father.

Billy further narrates about his overdoses with drugs and how they would have caused his life especially when he was on his motorcycle. He talks about his survival and how he went on to marry and have two kids. He speaks candidly about his love affair Peri Lister, a dancer who was always on and off with Billy throughout his life.

In this memoir, Dancing with Myself, Billy Idol is able to share his story with entire world. This book is both a tale of survival and celebration that will surely give you a roller coaster ride through a rock star’s life. His life story will surely make an unforgettable impression on you.