Brief Early History of Metallica

Metallica Logo

Formed on October 1981 in Los Angeles California, Metallica is recognized as one of the most prominent metal bands of the 80s. The group was initially formed by the former tennis prodigy and drummer Lars Ulrich, and vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield. The two met during an event where they were to place classified commercials in the American publication known as The Recycler. It is during this time that the two agreed to add up more members in their band: Ron McGovney who became the up bass and Dave Mustaine who took the lead in guitar duties.


The band got its name from a San Francisco metal promoter, Ron Quintana who had made a suggestion in a bid to promote metal music on a new magazine. After adopting the name, the band then began gigging in Los Angeles alongside other metal bands like Saxon. Their first compilation titled, Hit the Lights was recorded in early 1982. A few months afterwards, they recorded their full demo titled, No Life Till Leather, which swiftly drew much attention on the tape-trading underground and become a hot stuff. By this time, Cliff Burton, the bassist, had also joined the band.

The band’s first album, Kill Em All, was launched in late 1983. Unfortunately, their record reputation soared up during most of their tours, but this did not discourage them. They had good music, which introduced them to their then producer, Flemming Rassmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen. They produced their second album, Ride the Lightning, which proved to be a big success for them. They continued to astound with their performances, and were later signed to a major and big label, Elektra Records. They later came out with a grand album, Master of Puppets in February 1986, which was regarded as their best work by their fans.

Tragedy Occurs

Unfortunately, during one of their Europe tours, tragedy occurred. Cliff Burton, the bassist, was killed in a bus accident in Sweden. There was a period of grief and deliberation, but the band ultimately carried on with their group. They replaced the bassist position with Jason Newsted.

Mainstream Achievement

After two years, Metallica dropped the album, And Justice for All. This album featured more complex songs than their past material, which increased their fan base. They later launched a self-titled record in 1991, also named The Black Album. It topped a number of chats in the world, which also brought the band mainstream popularity and success.

Heavy Metal Superiors

The Metallica Band later had their several years of touring, in which they basically became superiors in the heavy metal genre. In the year 1996, their second number one album Load was released. In the next year, Reload also appeared, topping the number one spot again. They continued releasing great albums, which had beautiful songs that attracted many fans.


In the year 2011, Metallica collaborated with Lou Reed and brought about the noise rock and heavy metal album, Lulu. With their industrial musical skills, loud and fast sound and detailed song organizations, Metallica band has grown to become one of the most powerful heavy metal groups to emerge in the 1980s. It is also the most admired by all rock and metal music fans.