Brief Early History of Metallica

Metallica Logo

Formed on October 1981 in Los Angeles California, Metallica is recognized as one of the most prominent metal bands of the 80s. The group was initially formed by the former tennis prodigy and drummer Lars Ulrich, and vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield. The two met during an event where they were to place classified commercials in the American publication known as The Recycler. It is during this time that the two agreed to add up more members in their band: Ron McGovney who became the up bass and Dave Mustaine who took the lead in guitar duties.


The band got its name from a San Francisco metal promoter, Ron Quintana who had made a suggestion in a bid to promote metal music on a new magazine. After adopting the name, the band then began gigging in Los Angeles alongside other metal bands like Saxon. Their first compilation titled, Hit the Lights was recorded in early 1982. A few months afterwards, they recorded their full demo titled, No Life Till Leather, which swiftly drew much attention on the tape-trading underground and become a hot stuff. By this time, Cliff Burton, the bassist, had also joined the band.

The band’s first album, Kill Em All, was launched in late 1983. Unfortunately, their record reputation soared up during most of their tours, but this did not discourage them. They had good music, which introduced them to their then producer, Flemming Rassmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen. They produced their second album, Ride the Lightning, which proved to be a big success for them. They continued to astound with their performances, and were later signed to a major and big label, Elektra Records. They later came out with a grand album, Master of Puppets in February 1986, which was regarded as their best work by their fans.

Tragedy Occurs

Unfortunately, during one of their Europe tours, tragedy occurred. Cliff Burton, the bassist, was killed in a bus accident in Sweden. There was a period of grief and deliberation, but the band ultimately carried on with their group. They replaced the bassist position with Jason Newsted.

Mainstream Achievement

After two years, Metallica dropped the album, And Justice for All. This album featured more complex songs than their past material, which increased their fan base. They later launched a self-titled record in 1991, also named The Black Album. It topped a number of chats in the world, which also brought the band mainstream popularity and success.

Heavy Metal Superiors

The Metallica Band later had their several years of touring, in which they basically became superiors in the heavy metal genre. In the year 1996, their second number one album Load was released. In the next year, Reload also appeared, topping the number one spot again. They continued releasing great albums, which had beautiful songs that attracted many fans.


In the year 2011, Metallica collaborated with Lou Reed and brought about the noise rock and heavy metal album, Lulu. With their industrial musical skills, loud and fast sound and detailed song organizations, Metallica band has grown to become one of the most powerful heavy metal groups to emerge in the 1980s. It is also the most admired by all rock and metal music fans.

Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond

When it comes to naming the giants of the music industry, no list will ever complete without including the name of the living legend Phil Anselmo. He is going strong for almost two decades by fronting bands like Pantera, Superjoint Ritual Down and more. Ask about his impact and the only word that can define it is ‘huge’! Many people think that nobody can beat Phil’s command over the stage. His fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond, the icon’s autobiography. The book is co-authored by Corey Mitchell, the writer of It was supposed to be released on January 13, 2015, but for now the release date has been postponed. It is sad that metal fans will have to wait a little more, but it would be worth it!

The book, Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond will have all the information, including the minutest ones, that you are looking forward to. It will have chapters completely focussing on Pantera’s meteoric rise, the onstage murder of guitarist Darrell Abbott and so forth. From the times when the band played in the bars till the era when it dominated the stage, Phil has had a great role to play. It won’t be an exaggeration, if it is said that he is the man who made it happen! Anselmo and his band literally dominated the stage for years. With his first extreme metal album, he soared to the top. His album, Far Beyond Driven was number one on the Billboard music charts back in 1994. The interesting part is, it was his debut album.

Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond is not only about Pantera. The book is about the journey of this icon. It is about what it took for him to be where he is now. Of course, his fans will have enough to read about Pantera, but to read about his life will be equally interesting. This book is going to have the most honest perceptions of this lead singer about himself as well as his band-mates and Pantera of course. His fans are surely waiting to know his side of the story about the times when Pantera disintegrated and other major accusations like ‘killing the band’. Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond will also throw light on what made the lead singer overdose on alcohol and drugs. It is not forgotten that he almost killed himself with an overdose of heroin. The book is definitely going to talk about these not so pleasant but major events of Anselmo’s life. The readers are about to get answers on many questions through Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond. This book promises to be brutally honest, so you can expect the most unexpected. The wait has been really long, but the inside stories are going to make up for it. This fascinating narrative will be a good read for all the Pantera fans and other metal music lovers across the globe! You will definitely find the book as interesting and fascinating.

I’m The Man by Scott Ian

Scott Ian on stage

Every rock music fan would know about Anthrax, the popular American thrash metal band. The man behind the band, Ian Scott has revealed all the secrets and craziness he and his band members have gone through with Anthrax over the last three decades in his autobiography “I’m The Man: The story of the guy from Anthrax”. The name of his autobiography has been lent from Anthrax popular rap-metal hybrid single “I’m The Man”.

Known as the “man with that beard”, guitarist Ian Scott was the co-founder of Anthrax along with bassist Dan Liker, who retired from the band this year on his 50th birthday. In his autobiography, Ian Scott has shared his experience with Anthrax. The book is filled with incidents like insanity on the road, misbehavior, fistcuffs, destroying hotel rooms, blackouts, pant-peeing and various other crazy adventures.

The autobiography begins with a drunk Ian Scott trying to enter the Legend’s Field, the home field of the Tampa Yankees back in 1997. A drunk evening with Zack Wildye led to his arrest early next morning in the charges of breaking and entering the stadium. In his book ,Ian Scott claims this incident was his first and last arrest and he was not a ‘attention seeker’ or ‘drug-snarfing metal dude’. He even claims he is the hardest partier in the band. And this sets the tone for the book which is filled with many such humorous incidents.

In his book, Ian Scott describes his childhood as a ‘nerdy Jewish boy’. He narrates how his story differs from other rock/metal artists. He says his story is not one of rising to fame followed by fall from grace and finally a legendary redemption. His story is about how a gawky boy belonging to a normal Jewish family grows from a ‘nothing’ to ‘everything’. Ian, in the book has described his younger years and his journey to where he is now. He recounts how he was inspired to become a rock musician by a KISS Madison Square Garden concert he attended as a child in the 1970s. In the first half of the book, Ian Scott narrates how the Anthrax was formed. He delineates his bonding with Dan Lilker at an early age, meeting Charlie Benante , Johnny Z and Frank Bello and how they together persuaded their dream of forming a band.

I’m The Man is a book full of revelations as well. He confirms Metallica’s dissatisfaction eith Lars Ulrich and their plan to fire him. He recounts how close Corey Taylor was to become Anthrax’s lead vocalist and reveals the truth behind the Anthrax-Public Enemy collaboration “Bring the noise”. The book is hilarious as well. There are many fun moments in the book and you will find yourself laughing at many instances. Such as, the struggle of Anthrax during 1999 – 2009 and making a comeback with the record “Worship Music” with Joey Belladonna as the lead vocalist. The portrayal of Joey given in the book is hilarious. Further, he considers the Stormtroopers of Death album with Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker and Billy Milano as the turning point of his musical career.

Overall, I’m The Man is a story of passion, dedication, perseverance and determination of Ian Scott and his band Anthrax through its hard days of struggle, the arguments that took place and how they eventually became one of the most popular thrash metal bands.

Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol

Dancing with myself-Billy Idol is an autobiography written by one of the most famous rock stars of all time Billy Idol. He narrates about his journey to success; how he came to start his own punk band by the name Generation X his struggles with his own demons and all the pressures that came with fame. Unlike many rock stars, Billy was willing to tell his story personally rather than hiring authors to narrate his life journey.

William Michael Albert Broad widely known as Billy Idol was born on November 30th 1955 in the suburbs of London City. He attended the Ravensbourne School for boys, and then later joined Sussex University in 1975. Idol first joined Siouxsie and the Banshees but later quit and joined Chelsea in the year 1977 as a guitarist. They later left Chelsea together with band mate Tony James and co-founded the critically acclaimed band Generation X.

The setting of the book begins around 1986, just as Billy was beginning to rise to fame and his life was beginning to shatter due to his drug and substance abuse. He narrates how he became the front man of Generation X, one of UK’s all-time favorite rock bands. He narrates how he came to New York with a guitar in one hand and a suitcase in the other. 30 years down the line, Billy is known as the rebel, an idol who always lived life to the fullest.

The book also consists of a 16 pages of exclusive behind the scene photos aiding in telling the story about of a survivor from deep within the heart, somewhat chilling sometimes enchanting of a man’s creative journey filled with human desire. He speaks of a boy who from an early age new what he wanted in life and would not let anything stop his dreams.

After many years of trial, Idol’s music career finally took off with the hit song Dancing with Myself, a combination of dance and rock music. Immediately after hitting the charts, his drug addiction soon began one of the many demons that came to haunt him throughout his career. He further talks about how his music career nosedived in the early 1990 after he released the Album Cyberpunk. He narrates how he has been trying to reconstruct his music career how his parents forced him to take violin lessons twice a week his escapades, how he was not in good terms with his biological father.

Billy further narrates about his overdoses with drugs and how they would have caused his life especially when he was on his motorcycle. He talks about his survival and how he went on to marry and have two kids. He speaks candidly about his love affair Peri Lister, a dancer who was always on and off with Billy throughout his life.

In this memoir, Dancing with Myself, Billy Idol is able to share his story with entire world. This book is both a tale of survival and celebration that will surely give you a roller coaster ride through a rock star’s life. His life story will surely make an unforgettable impression on you.

Pop-Funk Fusion

Pop punk is a music genre that was made known in the mid to late 1960s from early American-Canadian musicians. Its distinctive style and grace was greatly influenced by the Pop genre that had its peak through the 1970s to the late 1980s. Pop Punk songs put less exposure of melody and bring a substantial rhythmic pattern of electric bass and drums to the musical piece. Its quality is based from single chords that are built on progressions, distinguishing it from other music styles.

The bass guitar is considered one of the most distinctive features of Pop Punk music. Before the creation of soul music, bass was barely prestigious in worldwide music. Instrumentalists like the legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson added bass to stardom, and Pop Punk ended up being built on that structure, with bass lines often being the climax of musical pieces. This genre’s prominent bass line serves as a red line from R&B, Soul and other forms of music. It uses complex rhythms, while keeping the structure of the song simplified. Most of the time, the structure of a typical Pop Punk song is made up of one or two riffs. Its basic goal was to produce an intense groove and beat as possible.

In the mid 1990s, pop-punk began to collect momentum to popularity. A famous band called Green Day released their first studio album by major record label, and other bands such as The Offspring and MxPx. These songs were played over and over non-stop until a rising interest rose again from major recording companies. Bands from this genre were offered lucrative contracts, often taking tours with with pop-punk bands.

As a whole plethora of new pop-punk bands began to enter the scene, unity became a mark in the music. They began to incorporate their sounds with current hard core bands, attempting to pay homage to their hard core roots. Many of these groups feature double-bass drums, breakdowns, and stylistic shouting. Incorporating these elements has placed them in a newer sub-genre of pop-funk named easy core, which has similar elements of hard core genre.

Many have already asked: How to dress pop-funk? Comfort and practicality is the main concern in the pop-funk fashion scene. It has evolved its style creating a more clean and presentable appearance nowadays. Starters should keep in mind that a typical pop-funk person that wears a 2000ish look, would have to look like a more colorful and messy 2060 fashion alert. Plain and solid colored t-shirts should be in a pop-funk musician every time. It’s considered the pinnacle accessory item of any artist in this genre projecting craziness and mysteriousness at the same time. In addition, Polo shirts have always been a wardrobe keeper. Pop-funk artists of any genre are allowed to wear this, but nowadays, women are not often seen wearing this kind of clothing.

New Found Glory

Pop-funk history has grown with time and till now its roots were never forgotten. Currently, famous bands such as Paramore and New Found Glory are slaying the charts, with number one albums with number one songs. It has been a treasure in the music industry and many people have been grateful to incorporate their talent with this genre.

Continuing onwards the likes of New Found Glory have already been working on new Material releasing a new video for the new single Selfless.

Evolution Of Punk Rock Music

Evolution of Punk

Punk rock which is simply addressed to as punk is a rock genre that was introduced in themed 70s in the UK, the US and Australia. This genre is deeply rooted in garage rock and protopunk music. Their rock bands are considered to be the excesses of the mid 70s rock. The songs sung here are developed very fast and short ones for that matter. They have the characteristics of being hard-edged with stripped down instrumentation and their lyrics are in most cases ant-establishment ones. Punk rock songs embrace the DIY ethic and most of these bands are produced and self-recorded. Their songs are in most cases distributed via informal channels.

The spread of punk music gathered momentum in the late 70s. It spread across the world and became very popular in the United Kingdom. It took root locally among people who tended to reject association with the mainstream. This saw the development of the punk subculture which comprised of youths characterized by very distinctive adornment and clothing styles and anti-authoritarian stands. In the early 80s, more aggressive adornment styles were adopted and became the most popular mode of rock music. This stance was adopted by the mainstream at the turn of the 20th century and this gave rise to various rock music movements such as the alternative and the post punk.

Ideally punk has two major characteristics namely the visual elements and the music and lyrical elements.

Musical and Lyrical Elements of Punk Music

Many modern banks borrow a leaf from bare musical arrangements and structures of the garage rock of the 60s.the typical instrumentation of punk rock includes one or two guitars (electric), drum kit, electric bass and vocals. Songs are very short compared to those of other reputable genres.

The vocals of punk rock sound nasal. Lyrics are in most cases shouted instead of being sung in the usual conventional sense like the other popular genres. This is especially the case for the hardcore rock styles. The shifts in the tones pitches and volume are relatively not frequent. Parts of the guitar have distorted power cords which lead to a buzzsaw drone sound. However not all punk takes the same approach. Others take a surf rock mode which is characterized by a lighter guitar tone. Others employ the gonzo attach approach to punk music. The bass guitar lines are not complicated and the approach to it is relentless with a repetitive rhythm.

Drums produce a dry and heavy sound and it’s set at minimal in most cases. The main objective of all these is to ensure that the recording of the music sounds natural without manipulations in order to reflect the authenticity of a live band performance.

The lyrics on the other hand are confrontational and frank in nature and from time to time reflect the social-political issues in their commentary. The lyrics may comment on issues such as relationships, sex, unemployment and urban life.

The Visual Elements of Punk Music Entail

Stage performances with macho postures with a few deviations from the earlier styles but are insignificant. Females deviated from those styles and have adopted masculine postures.

Punk Music Lives On

Punk Rock Guitar

Punk music has its roots in the 1960s.The Punk bands short songs with lyrics that were anti -establishment or political. They had stripped down instrumentation were fast and hard-edged.

The Legacy of Punk Music is design, fashion and tempo beats though the original rebellious, self indulgent and capable anti consumerism as a culture may be forgotten. There are many notable personalities who have been inspired Punk. These include Vivienne Westwood a fashion designer, Gareth Pugh and John Galliano. It was popular in New York and London in the 1970s. It has several ardent fans and there are relics of the music in downtown New York CBGB music club. Currently the music is only heard in one gallery with more emphasis being made on couture and art.

Punk originated in the 60s as garage music by bands like Sonics who had few skills in music. Later the MC 5 and the Stooges emerged in Detroit and they had violent concerts which played crude, raw and political music. Next came the Velvet Underground whose music seemed to be noise and was managed by Andy Warhol. They expanded punk music unwittingly. Finally new artists David Bowie and New York Dolls entered the scene with Glam Rock. They dressed in an outrageous manner, produced loud rock and roll and lived extravagantly. At the end of the period Glam split up into punk rock, hard rock and “hair metal”.

New York was the first place Punk rock was played by bands like Ramones, Heartbreakers, Blondie and Johnny Thunders who played at CBGB. In London it started out later
In England punk came to life because of the high unemployment rates and poor economy. The youth were angry, unemployed and rebellious. They had a lot of free time and strong opinions. Punk fashion evolved here with a shop named SEX started by an American. He was had tried reinventing New York Dolls as a fashion house back home and failed. He opted to move here and started the Sex Pistols. This project was successful and gaining a large fan base. Soon after the Bromley Contingent was created after watching the Sex Pistols perform. Many more groups were formed including Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Clash and Generation X.

In the late 70s it was a fully fledged music class. It started splitting into different genres with new musicians individualizing it with specific sounds. Punk music has since grown and become a force to reckon. It morphed into art, culture and fashion. It has given rise to generations of musicians and introduced a culture of its own. Punk lives in several generations in their hairstyles, dressing, behavior and religion. They espouse it as a lifestyle and as a philosophy of life. It is recorded in museums, libraries and archives where fans relive and eschew its happenstance. Punk enthusiasts don t-shirts and jeans and motorcycle riders. Punk music is never complete without electric guitars and raucous beats. Its very embodiment is noise and rowdy behavior. Down with the rules and live as you want may well be its motto.

Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre

Blink-182 back in the day

Blink-182 was formed in 1992 in Poway, San Diego. The American rock band consists of three members, Mark Hoppus the vocalist and bassist, Tom DeLonge the vocalist and guitarist and Travis Baker who is the drummer. The Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre is considered very great as they are the developers of the genre who came up with radio friendly content much better than their predecessors. They have since been dominant in the genre both in America and wide abroad. Basically pop punk is blink-182 and blink-182 is pop and punk.

In fact, to date, they have sold albums counting to more than 35 million worldwide. According to one New York Times in 2011, no punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than blink-182! and to back this most contemporary bands have attested their successes to the existence of blink-182. They have produced a number of albums to prove this success. With the years gone by more and more people have been listening to the famous trio and supporting the band with blink-182 merch. Wearing t-shirts, hoodies, posters on bedroom walls and now days smart phone cases.

Cheshire cat was their first ever album to be completed in the year 1994. Even though the album was not such a hit as the others that followed, it helped put them with their roadmap. The first single from that album got sponsored by Cargo to do the video after it have received airplay. In as much as their popularity was achieved from copies of pirated CDs, there are people who never gave up on them on their first attempt. For instance, Pennywise was there to pay for their air tickets for tours in Australia. When Dude Ranch was released in the year 1997, it was definitely more successful than the first one.

Then there breakthrough came in 1999 with their release of their album ‘Enema of the State’. This compared to their previous pieces and pieces from other competitors was nothing but bliss with great production and sound so radio friendly. Enema greatly attracted listeners who were directly trying to oppose the kids who considered themselves the owners of punk. With the inception of the dot com and availability of internet though, there were more downloads every day and some streaming in online to all the songs which may have been beyond their domain in the previous occasions. This greatly contributed to the popularity of the band because more people would listen in to them regardless of their location. This might have been the most successful album which led to the greatest Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre.

After Enema, in came ‘Take off your Pants and Jacket’ which took the same trend as its predecessor. They released this one in the year 2001. In 2003, it was number three as ranked in billboard 200. Most fans and critics consider this album the one that defined who blink-182 was. Blink-182 has never stopped since and their fans worldwide are pleased by their ravishing performances, catchy melodies, trashy choruses and chuggy verses.

Influence of Blink-182 on the Pop Punk Genre has gone a long way with them breaking the group only once. They have also received a couple of awards for their prowess like in the teen choice awards they were the best choice group in 2000, best rockers in 2001 the best love song of people’s choice in 2004 for their track ‘I miss you’.

Tracing the First Wave of Punk Rock

Punk Boys with a Van

Punk or punk rock is a genre of rock music developed in-between 1974 and 1976 within the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Bands performing this type of music focused on producing garage rock creations plus other forms of the now-called proto-punk music. They avoided the excessiveness that was quite common in mainstream 1970s rock.

Punk bands developed fast and hard-edged music, generally with stripped-down instrumentation, short songs as well as often anti-establishment, political lyrics. Punk embraces DIY ethic and many bands self-produced recordings, distributing them via informal channels.

“Punk” first was applied by certain American critics relative to rock music in early 1970s, describing garage bands along with their devotees. Bands like The Clash and Sex Pistols in London, as well as Ramones and Television in New York City, got recognized as vanguard of a pioneering musical movement. Punk rock then spread around the globe in the year following, becoming major cultural phenomenon within the United Kingdom. The rock music genre took root especially in local scenes which appeared to reject any association with mainstream music. A related Punk sub-culture emerged and expressed youthful rebellion, easily noticeable through distinctive adornment and styles of clothing. This included deliberately offensive T-shirts, jackets, spike brands, leather jackets plus other spiked or studded jewelry to S&M and bondage clothes, along with a host of anti-authoritarian ideologies.

Faster and more aggressive styles like Oi and hardcore had turned to be the predominant punk rock mode by start of 1980s. Musicians inspired by or identifying with punk pursued an array of alternate variations, which led to alternative rock and post-punk movement. Punk rock got assimilated into the mainstream come end of 20th century, being popularized by bands like Green Day, Blink-182 and The Offspring.

The first wave of punk rock targeted being aggressively modern and distanced itself from sentimentality and bombast of early 1970s rock. It appears that the quality of this rock music variety dwindled later on, with emerging performing artists coming up with non-starting solos. This was a stark contrast of what Jimmy Hendrix and other established musicians would produce earlier.

Punk rock prizes technical accessibility as well as a DIY spirit. Musical virtuosity often got viewed suspiciously, being allegedly composed by amateur musicians who still found the need of expressing themselves through music. Some leading figures of British punk appeared to reject contemporary mainstream rock along with its broader culture, along with the predecessors they themselves earlier celebrated. Even with nostalgia being gradually discarded, many individuals within the scene exhibited nihilistic attitude.

“Self-imposed alienation” was quite common among “gutter punks” and “drunk punks.” Tension was always present between the “radical leftist utopianism” expressed by bands like Crass who experienced a liberating, positive meaning and their nihilistic outlook.

The matter of authenticity is critical within punk subculture. “Poseur” is a term used in reference to persons associating with the rock genre, adopting its style as well, yet lack basic understanding of the philosophy and values underlying it. Often times, Punk rock bands emulate bare musical arrangements and structures which branded the 1960s garage rock music. Typical instrumentation of this music type includes two electric guitars, drum kit, an electric bass, together with vocals.

Influence of Green Day on the Pop Punk Genre

Green Day

Pop punk music genre emerged in the 1970s with an agenda of reducing boredom from music in both genres which it fuses. Pop melodies and lyrical themes are combined with the fast tempos, chord changes and loud guitars associated with punk rock music to make a fusion that has been acceptable to many since its invention till today. The roots of this kind of music can be traced to America, UK, Canada and many more but it mainly rooted in California which is the home of the Green Day band which has been in the punk rock scene since its formation in 1987.

Green Day had their share in influencing the pop punk genre in the 1990s when their releases through major label signings served to create major popularity of the pop punk music. But what exactly has the Green Day band been through in the pop punk genre?

The band was formed by Billie Joe Armstrong who is the lead vocalist and guitarist together with Mike Dirnt who is the backing vocalist. The current members of the band are Tre Cool and Jason White who only became permanent members in 2012 having been in the band for over twelve years. The band has been in the punk music industry for over 25years now.

It was initially part of the initial DIY recording habit that was began in California by punk rock music bands. Their first releases were under the Lookout! Records which was the band’s DIY recording. These were not major hits though till in 1994 when the band was able to secure a release with Reprise records, an independent recording company. Their album ‘dookie’ was their breakthrough and the success was intense with over 10 million copies sold in the U.S only. From this time and the coming years, Green Band brought a much bigger audience to the pop punk genre and made it widely accepted. Some of the California punk bands that took part in creating this wide acceptance of pop punk music include Sublime, Rancid, Bad Religion and The Offspring.

Green Day has since released many more pop punk music albums but this is not the only genre they have been majoring on though it is their main. Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning are the three albums that followed the dookie but with reduced success rate (not meaning that they flopped on the charts though). In 2004, their album American Idiot gained success more than that of the first album selling over five million copies in the U.S. in 2009, the album, 21st century breakdown hit the top charts and was the biggest success ever recorded for the band. This was followed by a trio of albums released between September and December in 2012 which have not had a success rate of the 2009 one.

In conclusion, the Green Day band has had a very important role in influencing the pop punk genre. It is one of the bands that popularized the genre and has since then continued to make it even more and more accepted in many parts of the world. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed though with the band winning five Grammy awards for various albums and many other awards.